Tcha Limberger


Tcha Limberger violin, vocals
Dave Kelbie guitar
Sebastien Girardot bass
Mozes Rosenberg guitar

A five-star international Gypsy jazz line-up as Mozes Rosenberg – the most recent guitar genius from the Rosenberg dynasty and younger brother of Stochelo – joins violin superstar Tcha Limberger and his trio. Since picking up his first instrument the guitar, composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist Tcha Limberger is one of a handful of world class musicians to have become accepted and respected in a style of music culturally not their own. Born into a renowned Belgian family of Manouche musicians, he grew up in a world of the Gypsy swing style of Django Reinhardt, and over the years he has collaborated with many of its leading performers, including the celebrated Fapy Lafertin. Put Tcha – a spectacular guitarist himself – on stage with Mozes Rosenberg and you have something close to Gypsy jazz royalty. Expect guitar mastery and swinging Reinhardt classics mixed with traditional western European Gypsy repertoire.

The polymath king of Gypsy music. The Times

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